Alta Vista Single Vineyard Alizarine Malbec

Alta Vista Single Vineyard Alizarine Malbec

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Has effusive spice, chocolate and ripe fruit aromas. On the palate, it shows impressive structure, soft tannins and a long finish.


Single Vineyard Alizarine was introduced in 2001, making Alta Vista the first Argentine winery to produce single vineyard wines. Utilizing their tailored Terroir Management® system for wine growing and winemaking, Alta Vista uses grapes grown in distinctive sites to craft these unique wines that show the true characteristics of each vineyard. All Single Vineyard wines are aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels and an additional 6 months in bottle.

This remarkable vineyard is situated above 3,000 feet elevation in Luján de Cuyo. The soils of this terroir are very poor and permeable and are composed of silty clay loam with a layer of boulders 3-6 ft. deep. Irrigation is traditional, with water from the Andes Mountains, and the climate is mild and arid. The proximity of hills prevents the risk of frost since, in spring, cold air currents descend from the Mendoza River bed. The selection massale vines planted in 1927 are simple Guyot pruned and yield small, compact grape clusters. The wine from this vineyard is notable for its floral bouquet, good acidity and round, elegant tannins.

單一葡萄åœ?/span>Alizarine æ–?/span> 2001 年推出,ä½?/span> Alta Vista 成為阿根廷第一家生產單一葡萄園葡萄酒的釀酒廠ã€?/span>Alta Vista用他們的葡萄園管理經驗,用單一地點種植的葡萄來釀造這葡萄酒,展示了葡萄園的真實特徵。葡萄酒均在新的法國橡木桶中陳釀 12 個月,並在瓶中陳釀 6 個月。這葡萄園位於海拔 3,000 英尺以上çš?/span> Luján de Cuyo。這土壤非常貧瘠且具有滲透性,由粉質粘土和一å±?/span> 3-6 英尺深的巨石組成。傳統的灌溉,水來自安第斯山脈,在春季,冷氣流從門多薩河床下降,靠近山丘可以防止霜凍的風險ã€?/span> 1927 年種植的massale 葡萄藤經過簡單的Guyot 修剪,可結出小而緊湊的葡萄串。葡萄園出產的葡萄酒以其花香、酸度和圓潤優雅的單寧而著稱ã€?/span>