Alta Vista Single Vineyard Serenade Malbec

Alta Vista Single Vineyard Serenade Malbec

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Displays energetic, ripe red and black fruit aromas, with earth and game notes. In the mouth, shows incredibly fresh flavors, with firm, noble tannins and an elegant character.


Agrelo grapes (Luján de Cuyo) are famous for giving wines with an elegant tannic structure, a remarkable feature of this 100% Malbec. It seduces on the nose with fruity notes reminiscent of the plum and surprises in the mouth for its intensity and long persistence, enhanced by aging for 12 months in new barrels.

Agrelo grapes (Luján de Cuyo) 以賦予葡萄酒優雅的單寧結構而聞名,這是這款 100% 馬爾貝克的顯著特徵。它在鼻子上散發出令人聯想到李子的果香,並在口中因其強度和持久性而令人驚訝,並在新桶中陳釀 12 個月而增強ã€?/span>